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1 - Resources MAP


URN Description
urn:identity::120b5cb7-41d3-4713-9abb-fc6f72074fde sub ref

identity traits (future proof)

URN Description
urn:identity::120b5cb7-41d3-4713-9abb-fc6f72074fde:traits:d3f8249 rfc
urn:identity:traits::120b5cb7-41d3-4713-9abb-fc6f72074fde:d3f8249 rfc
urn:identity::120b5cb7-41d3-4713-9abb-fc6f72074fde?=traits=d3f8249 rfc

identity event registry cloudevents spec

URN Description
urn:event:source:type:id cloudevent spec
urn:event:identity:registry:f87d10c5-382a-43a2-a8ca-a36ae77c2fc4 identity registry event ref

identity credential(s)

URN Description
urn:identity:credential::chl:srcei:rut:1-9 sub ref

identity credential(s) rfc8141 q-component

URN Description
urn:identity:credential?=country=chl&iss=srcei&typ=rut&sub=1-9 combinables
urn:identity:credential?=country=chl&iss=srceisub=1-9 combinables
urn:identity:credential?=iss=google&typ=email&sub=foobar combinables
urn:identity:credential?=iss=whatsapp&typ=phone&sub=+56955500123 combinables
urn:identity:credential?=country=chl&iss=srcei&typ=rut&sub=1-9 combinables

identity document(s)

URN Description
urn:identity:document::chl:srcei:rut:1-9 sub ref

identity document(s) rfc8141 q-component

URN Description
urn:identity:document?=country=chl&iss=srcei&typ=rut&sub=1-9 required

identity verifiable channels (otp / totp / password recovery)

URN Description
urn:identity:channel:phone:+56955500123 ref ref
urn:identity:channel:device:9d23dbc87d9de583fbceacd410d5ee47 ref

2 - RBAC


    "id": "urn:role::tenent-id:role-name",
    "description": "string",
    "members": [
Name Type Required Restrictions Description
id string false none ID is the role’s unique id.
description string false none Description is the description of the role.
members [string] false none Members is who belongs to the role.

scp (service control policy)

    "id": "urn:policy:tenant-id:policy-name",
    "actions": [
    "description": "string",
    "effect": "(allow|deny)",
    "subjects": [
    "resources": [
Name Type Required Restrictions Description
id string false none ID is the unique identifier of the SCP. It is used to query, update, and remove the SCP.
actions [string] false none Actions is an array representing all the actions this SCP applies to.
description string false none Description is an optional, human-readable description.
effect string false none Effect is the effect of this SCP. It can be “allow” or “deny”.
subjects [string] false none Subjects is an array representing all the subjects this SCP applies to.
resources [string] false none Resources is an array representing all the resources this SCP applies to.

check request

    "action": "string",
    "context": {},
    "resource": "string",
    "subject": "string"